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The truth about PTE Real exam questions Bank

You bought a real exam questions bank paying good amount of money (for an international student living in Sydney). The seller had encrypted all the files so that you will not be able to send it to a friend or share it with someone. Anyhow, you worked hard for your test memorizing everything. You were also given a prediction file. You feel confident that you will score 79 plus or 90 each in each section.  You step into the test, all confident.

You start the test, you find out, well, nothing has been repeated from the question bank ( maybe a question in describe image or repeat sentence). Your results are out. You have wasted another attempt because you used a shortcut “Real exam questions bank”. Trust me there is no shortcut in life.

The first question is to ask yourself ” Where do these guys get all the materials from”.

Possible assumed answer:

Someone went to the test center and took screenshots of the questions ?

No highly unlikely, the tests are usually conducted in small batches, there is no way on earth you can copy anything and take it out from the Exam center.

Pearson released Real Exam questions ?  If Pearson released real exam questions ,ask yourself , why they did not release it on their website ? Why would they release it to specific people who will then sell it ? Why not Pearson sell these question themselves? Definitely, can generate good revenue for them.

While these questions maybe good for practice, don’t rely on them completely. No, an essay you memorized won’t appear in the exam.

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