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Academic collocation list

Memorize this to ace the reading fill in the blanks section of the Reading test in the PTE Academic test. These collocations are also helpful in IELTS writing and speaking.

abstract concept
academic achievement
academic career
academic circles
academic community
academic debate
academic discipline
academic discourse
academic institution
academic journal
academic life
academic performance
academic research
academic skills
academic study
academic success
academic work
academic world
academic writing
academic year
accept responsibility
acceptable behaviour
accurate assessment
accurate description
accurate information
accurate measurement
accurate picture
accurate record
achieve (a) goal
achieve (an) objective
achieve (an) outcome
acquire knowledge
active involvement
active participant
active participation
active role
actively involved
acutely aware
add information
additional cost
additional information
additional problem
additional resources
additional support
address (an) issue
administrative practices
adopt (a) procedure
adopt (an) approach
advanced economy
advanced technology
adverse effect
adverse reaction
adversely affect
affect (the) outcome
affect (the) development
allocate resources
allow access
almost identical
alternative approach
alternative explanation
alternative form
alternative interpretation
alternative means
alternative method
alternative model
alternative solution
alternative source
alternative strategy
alternative view
alternative way
ample evidence
analytical approach
analytical tool
anecdotal evidence
annual conference
annual meeting
annual rate
annual report
annual review
apply equally
apply (a) method
apply (the) theory
appropriate action
appropriate behaviour
appropriate conditions
appropriate data
appropriate form
appropriate language
appropriate level
appropriate point
appropriate response
appropriate skills
appropriate treatment
appropriate way
armed conflict
artificial intelligence
assess (the) impact
assessment process
associated factors
assume responsibility
assume (the) role
atomic energy
attend (a) conference
available data
available evidence
available information
available resources
average score
background knowledge
basic assumption
basic component
basic concept
basic element
basic function
basic information
basic premise
basic principle
basic research
basic structure
basic technique
bear resemblance
become apparent
become available
become aware
become blurred
become established
become evident
become independent
become involved
become obvious
become visible
become widespread
become (a) source
become (the) focus
begin (a) process
behave differently
beneficial effect
best described
binary opposition
binary system
biological evolution
biological science
biological sex
brief account
brief description
brief discussion
brief history
brief introduction
brief overview
brief period
brief review
brief summary
brief time


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