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Reading-Fill in the blanks practice

Airfares and hotel rates in Australia will grow at ______ the global average next year due to our airline _________ and a bottleneck in hotel construction, according to _______ by one of the world’s largest corporate travel agents.

Business travel booker CWT and the Global Business Travel Association’s annual market forecast report ______ airfares in Australia to rise 4.7 per cent in 2020 and that hotel rates will rise 4.4 per cent.


Correct Answers: Don’t look at answers first

Try to see the difference between predict and forecast by reading the passage over

1. Double ( double the global average or double the figure is a collocation )

2. Duopoly ( duo means two , poly means dominate , two suppliers dominating the same market in this context, it was about Virgin and Qantas in Australia)

3. reports

4.Forecasts ( means to predict something in advance scientifically) it means something scientific or analytic therefore predict is not the right word as it says 4.7 %

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