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Repeat Sentence Tips

(This extract is from my Ebook , A step by step guide to PTE Academic, will be available soon)

In this section, you hear a short sentence and you have to repeat it exactly as the speaker. You get 10-12 repeat sentence items. You are tested on both listening and speaking skills, so it contributes to your listening and speaking scores.

The audio box counts down from 3 seconds and then you hear a short sentence, you have to listen carefully and repeat it once the microphone opens. Start speaking when you see the first blue bar in the recording bar. The first blue bar shows that the microphone is opened.
In order to score high in this section, try to understand the sentence rather than focusing on memorizing it . These sentences are usually from every day speech which are quite easy to repeat once you understand it . For example,
The train station is next to the cinema.
The circulation desk is located on the ground floor.

Once you understand, it is quite easy to repeat even the hardest of the sentences.
You will score higher if you say the correct words in the correct order as the speaker. Again, this is a speaking test so pay attention to word stress and pronunciation when you repeat the sentence. If you repeat some words in the sentence only, you will get partial marks.

Secondly, train yourself with different accents. In this section, you will hear speakers with different accents which can be confusing sometimes.
Finally, don’t hesitate and do not say incomplete sentences even if you forget something, complete the sentence by guessing the words you forgot or didn’t understand.


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