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Describe image Real exam question bank

            PTE Real Exam Questions 2019, Top 50+ describe image questions sourced from student memories. The most reliable describe images question -PTE Academic Exam

The PTE exam describe image questions are usually selected from a huge pool of question bank. There is a chance that some of these questions might be repeated in the real exam. Remember, practice is the key, practice on these questions and make a strategy for different type of charts. No matter what image you face in the real exam, you must be able to talk about it with clarity, fluency and without hesitations and good pronunciation.  The question bank here is updated regularly to help you anticipate what can appear in the real exam.

  1.  Electricity generation and distribution from power station to consumers.



2.        Browser usage on Wikimedia in June 2011


3.             Operation of solar light.


4.   Share of world GDP, 2011


5.           Trading of goods history



6.           Most used technology

7.     How to download music from Tesco Extra platform


8. Years to double world population

9.  Sunset and sunrise time ( similar graph)


10.   If daylight savings were always in effect


11.         Sunrise timings


12.        Average rainfall in inches


13.  Average precipitation




15.  Life balance


16.     Life depends on nature

17.  Impact of carbon dioxide on temperature



18.      Global temperature and carbon dioxide


19.  Life cycle of a frog


20.  Life cycle of a hen

21.  Commonwealth spending on education


22.   Population growth and growth in rating base

23.     Most commonly used languages


24. Taxi workflow


24.   Gender pay gap UK and Scotland

25.  Retirement from maintained schools by reason

26. Temperature and precipitation chart Manaus-Amazon-Brazil

27.  Earth core

28.  Percentage of population in Urban areas



29.         Pet care industry sales


30.  Total population of Thoralby


31.             Distribution of vehicles by origin and type



32.     Average number of hours spent on Social media in 2014




33.  Health life style pyramid



34.   relationship between gender and class timings


35.  Life cycle of water



36.         Shopping  methods



37. Cotton candy sales


38.  Percentage of people travelling by train and public transport



39.    World population development


40. From plants to paper , process diagram



























































58.      shaduf a method of water collection ,pte academic test





59. Sharks Osmoregulation




60. The great Pyramid of Gaza (PTE-Academic real exam question)




61.   Car safety features ( PTE-Academic real exam questions)



62.   Milk production ( PTE-Academic real exam questions)




63.   Production of Uranium



64.  Carbon dioxide emissions and its effects on environment ( PTE-Academic real exam questions)



65.      Steel recycling process ( PTE-Academic real exam questions)





66.     Life cycle of a plant ( PTE-Academic real exam questions)





67.         Solar panel process and operation diagram ( PTE-Academic real exam questions)




68.       Migration to Australia ( PTE-Academic real exam questions)



69. Main reasons for migration from and to from the UK ( PTE-Academic real exam questions)



70.       Enterprise life cycle



71. Top oil reserves



Image result for PTE process describe image


72.       Pulp and paper manufacturing process


Image result for PTE process describe image




Image result for bar charts pte academic




Image result for bar charts pte academic






Image result for bar charts pte academic




Image result for bar charts pte academic



77.   World religions



Image result for bar charts pte academic


78.       Favorite genre or type of movie


Image result for bar charts pte academic





Image result for bar charts pte academic





Image result for bar charts pte academic











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