General information about PTE

You shouldn’t put all your bets on one section, as each section has equal importance. All the more reason to be as prepared as possible for your exam.


The parts of the test that you find easy is a good chance to earn high scores, but you shouldn’t neglect the difficult sections either. Because the test is measuring your capabilities in all areas, you’ll want to feel competent.


Also, your competence will be measured in different ways so don’t take any of your skills for granted. Instead, find as many different ways to practice them as possible.


To prepare, go out of your way to try to listen to different people speaking. Read as widely as possible in different genres. Practice writing on different topics, not only the ones that interest you.


The PTE isn’t a test to take lightly so the more prepared you are; the better you will feel on test day. And why not prepare as well as you can, when having the best mastery of English has real world benefits?


Because high scores in each section are so important, find creative ways to practice so that you stay engaged, even on topics which would otherwise be boring to you.

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