How to get 90 in PTE Listening?

  • Practice regularly: The more you practice listening to English language materials, the better your listening skills will become. Regularly practice listening to a variety of accents, speeds, and topics to build your listening proficiency. (Practice with our 10 full scored Mock Tests portal)
  • Familiarize yourself with the test format: Understand the format of the PTE listening section, including the types of questions and the timing of each task. This will help you manage your time more effectively during the test.
  • Improve your note-taking skills: Taking notes is an essential skill in the PTE listening section. Practice taking effective and concise notes while listening to recordings to help you better retain and recall information.
  • Listen for key details: Pay attention to key details in the recordings, such as names, dates, and important information. This will help you answer the questions more accurately.
  • Stay focused and avoid distractions: During the PTE listening section, it’s crucial to stay focused and avoid any potential distractions. Practice active listening by staying engaged with the recordings and avoiding any distractions in your environment.
  • Use effective strategies for each task: Different tasks within the listening section require different strategies. Learn and practice effective strategies for each task, such as predicting answers and scanning for information, to maximize your score.
  • Seek professional guidance: Consider seeking guidance from a professional PTE trainer who can assess your current level of proficiency and provide customized training to help you improve your listening skills.  (PTE Online Course) 

By following these tips and practicing consistently, you can improve your listening skills and achieve a score of 90 or higher in the PTE listening section.

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