PTE Listening Tips

  • Focus on the task: It is essential to focus on the task at hand, listen attentively to the audio, and read the instructions carefully before attempting to answer the questions.
  • Anticipate the context: Try to anticipate the context of the audio by looking at the title, subtitle, and visual cues if available. This will help you better understand the audio and answer the questions.
  • Practice active listening: Active listening involves being fully present and engaged in the audio. It involves listening for main ideas, details, and inferences. Try to practice active listening in your daily life by listening to podcasts or audio recordings and summarizing what you heard.
  • Note-taking: Taking notes is an essential part of the listening process, especially in the PTE listening section. Write down key points, such as names, numbers, dates, and unfamiliar vocabulary, which can help you answer the questions accurately.
  • Manage your time: The PTE listening section is timed, so it is essential to manage your time effectively. Try to answer the easier questions first and then move on to the more challenging ones. Make sure you allocate sufficient time to review your answers.
  • Use the right format: Ensure that you answer the questions in the correct format.
  • Practice regularly: Practice makes perfect, so try to practice the PTE listening section regularly to become familiar with the test format and develop your listening skills. You can use practice materials and mock tests available online to simulate the actual test environment. (Practice with our 10 full scored Mock Tests portal)

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