Most repeated Essays PTE and their sample answers

Some people argue that technology makes our lives more useful and interesting than the past. Do you agree?   

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Effective learning requires time, comfort and peace so it is impossible to combine study and employment. Study and employment distract one from another. To what extent do you think the statements are realistic? Support your opinion with examples.

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Life experiences are better than books and formal education. Agree or disagree?

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Some people point that experiential learning (i.e. learning by doing it) can work well in formal education. However, others think a traditional form of teaching is the best. Do you think experiential learning CAN WORK WELL in high schools or colleges?

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Medical technology has increased the average life expectancy. Is it a blessing or a curse?

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As cities  are expanding, some people claim governments should look forward creating better networks of public transportation available for everyone rather than building more roads for vehicle owning population. What’s your opinion? Give some examples or experience to support.

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Some universities deduct marks from students’ works if given in late, what are your views and what action will you recommend to take?

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As e-books are available online these days, the value of printed books has diminished. Agree or disagree.

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