Multiple choice chose multiple answers (Reading)

When you do multiple-choice questions, the best strategy is elimination.  Decide for every option , is it TRUE or FALSE or NOT GIVEN in the text.  The TRUE ones are your correct answers, whereas the False and not given options are the wrong ones.


Negative marking in this section

According to the official score guide, for every right option you get one mark but for every wrong option you get -1. Therefore, if a test taker select two options, one is right and one is wrong, he will score zero marks.

Example Task

Researchers have proved that fossil fuel is the only indispensable source of energy for the future even though it creates much air pollution. Burning of fossil fuels produces carbon dioxide which captures the whole atmosphere by accumulating there. Scientists declared that this property of fossil fuels will be disastrous for the global environment and will lead the universe towards fatal pollution.

Nowadays technology is used which never let CO2 to accumulate into the atmosphere rather the carbon dioxide emitted by industries and power plants is sequestered underground or under the sea. This minimizes the chances of spreading harmful gases into the atmosphere. This step eventually works in producing electricity at double costs. But it is guessed that because of sequestration the cost of generating electricity will not increase more than 50 percent. It is predicted that more research to capture carbon dioxide will give even lesser prices.


Read the text and answer the question by selecting all the correct responses. More than one response is correct.


Which of the following statements are true according to the text?

  1. The prices of electricity will be lower if better technologies will be adopted to capture carbon dioxide.
  2. Burning of Fossil fuels creates useful gases, which can be good for atmosphere and generating energy.
  3. There is insufficient research to prove that fossil fuel will be the indispensable source of energy for the coming generation.
  4. Technology can be used to stop CO2 accumulation in the atmosphere


Answers: The words I have highlighted in the main task are keywords, find out how keywords are related to the answers.

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