PTE -Re-tell Lecture real and repeated exam question bank (student memories)

The following Re-tell lecture files have been carefully sourced from student memories and can be useful for practice. Although the chances of repetition of  these are slim in the real test, yet there is still a probability of repetition. These questions are from all over the world and not one specific center or country. Students should practice with the real exam questions to get familiarize  with various complexities associated with the real exam questions and be prepared accordingly. We provide our students with a huge range of practice material and master strategies and templates which have proven results. Feel free to contact us for more information about our courses. Please note that the official Pearson website https://pearsonpte.com/   does not claim or have released real exam questions.


  1. Lecture about Thermodynamics.



2.  Presenting a paper in a seminar




3.  Newspapers, National newspaper USA.



4.  Pygmy blue whales- a sub specie of Blue whale , and their migration



5. Brain development


6. The science of gravity


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