Tips for Successful PTE Coaching: 7 Simple Steps to Pass Your PTE Exam

Passing the PTE is not an easy task. It will require you to bring out your best and most disciplined self. Your persistence, consistency, and dedication will be put to test. But all is not lost!

You can ace the PTE if you are willing to put in that extra effort and take your coaching sessions seriously. Here are some tips for successful PTE preparation:

  1.  Know the marks contribution and focus on high scoring tasks
  2. Focus on practising each question and only move to the next question when you master one.
  3. Do mini mock or sectional wise tests.
  4. Do full-length Mock tests to get used to the software.
  5. Improve your weak areas based on the Mock test results
  6. Once you pass the Mock test book your PTE Exam
  7. Last-minute preparation is important, take one day off before the exam to revise everything.


Here at PTE Academic 79 plus, we’ve got you covered for everything. We provide you with all strategies, mini mock tests and full mock exams.  You can choose our 2 weeks course, 4 weeks or unlimited course. We service the following areas.

  1. PTE coaching in Burwood, NSW
  2. PTE coaching in Strathfield, NSW
  3. PTE coaching in Bankstown, NSW
  4. PTE coaching in Auburn, NSW
  5. PTE coaching near Sydney Olympic Park
  6. PTE coaching in Hurstville
  7. PTE coaching in Rockdale
  8. PTE coaching northern beaches, Dee Why, Manly etc.
  9. PTE coaching in Sydney CBD or near Sydney CBD
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