PTE Latest Repeat Sentence from Real Exam

List of New RS Questions based on our student’s memory


November 30/2022

  1. She is an expert in eighteenth-century French literature
  2. No more than four people can be in the lab at once
  3. The Internet provides unusual opportunities for students and current events
  4. The original Olympic Games were celebrated as religious festivals
  5. The pharmacy was closed when I went past this morning.
  6. We are delighted to have professor Robert join our faculty
  7. Biographical information should be removed prior to the publication of the results
  8. A demonstrated ability to write clear, correct, and concise English is bigotry
  9. We’re constantly looking for ways to bring industry and agriculture close together
  10. Number the beakers and put them away before tomorrow
  11. Organic food is grown without applying chemicals and possesses no artificial additives
  12. The library is located on the other side of the campus behind the student center.
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