PTE most repeated write from dictation 2022

  1. Undergraduates may pursue their specific interests within certificate programs.

  2. This course puts great emphasis on the critical thinking skills.

  3. There are opportunities to receive the grants from most artistic fields.

  4. The untapped potential use of sun rays is phenomenal.

  5. The rising inflation rate indicates a decrease in demands for consumer products.

  6. The poster of this play is hung in the large lecture theatre.

  7. The plight of wildlife has been ignored by developers.

  8. The library holds a miraculous collection of books on economic history.

  9. The general strike failed because the union leaders disagreed over the strategy.

  10. The elective course introduces engineering students to construction practices and concepts.

  11. The dance department elaborated stages performances each semester.

  12. The commissioner will portion the funds among all the sovereignties.

  13. The business policy seminar includes an internship with a local firm.

  14. The artists tied with the conservative politicians earned the roles of critics.

  15. The article extrapolates a number of very interesting experiments.

  16. The American astronomers made a plan for landing a spaceship on Mars.

  17. The aerial photographs were promptly registered for thorough evaluation.

  18. Statistical results should be expressed in different ways depending on the circumstances.

  19. Recession triggers creativity and excess rates of powerful entrepreneurialism.

  20. Philosophy uses a lot of logics and reasons to analyze human experience.

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