PTE Describe Image Template


  • Start by introducing the image and giving some background information about it.
  • Mention the type of image (e.g. graph, chart, diagram, map) and briefly describe the topic it covers.


  • Begin by describing the main features of the image, starting from the most general to the most specific.
  • Mention any trends, patterns, or significant changes that are visible in the image.
  • Use appropriate language to describe the data or information in the image, such as percentages, figures, or units of measurement.
  • Provide examples or additional details to support your analysis of the image.
  • Use linking words and phrases to connect your ideas and create a coherent narrative.


  • Summarize the main points of your analysis and draw a conclusion based on the information presented in the image.
  • Provide your overall interpretation of the image and suggest any possible implications or recommendations.
  • Use concluding language to wrap up your response, such as “In conclusion,” “To sum up,” or “Overall.”

Here’s an example of how you could use this template to describe a graph:

Introduction: The image shows a line graph that displays the number of visitors to a theme park in a year.

Body: The graph illustrates the number of visitors to a theme park over the course of a year, from January to December. Overall, there was an upward trend in the number of visitors, with the highest number of visitors recorded in August. The number of visitors in January was around 10,000, and it increased gradually to around 30,000 in August. After August, there was a gradual decline in the number of visitors until December, when it dropped to around 5,000. The pattern of the graph suggests that the theme park is most popular during the summer months and least popular during the winter months.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the line graph shows a clear trend of increasing visitor numbers at the theme park during the summer months, peaking in August, followed by a gradual decline towards the end of the year. This suggests that the theme park may want to focus its marketing efforts on the summer months to attract more visitors.


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