Why PTE has become a popular choice for students compared to IELTS?

PTE is not the only major English exam in the world. IELTS is another one. You might be interested to know the way in which the two are different, and what makes PTE stand out.


The PTE provides a more accurate assessment of speaking and writing capability, because it is evaluated by a machine. Whereas the IELTS speaking and writing section is assessed by a person, which introduces subjectivity into the equation. For a reliable speaking and writing score, PTE is the answer.


The PTE is always done on a computer, whereas the IELTS may sometimes be by hand. The PTE being on the computer is going to be of benefit to most exam sitters, as most people these days are more accustomed to writing on a computer than by hand.


The added benefit of it being done on the computer is that it may help you to be less nervous because you do not have to perform in front of a real person.


With the PTE, you can complete the test in the same day, whereas with the IELTS, the test may have to be done in more than one sitting. Additionally, the PTE scores generally come back more quickly than scores for the IELTS. This is useful, as it’s a nerve-wracking wait.


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